AJ Styles On A Potential Match With Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Says He Did Not Profit From Bullet Club Merch – More


The current WWE United States Champion AJ Styles, was a recent guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. During the interview, Styles spoke on which current NJPW stars he wants to bring into the WWE, addressed the complaints regarding Shinsuke Nakamura’s current main roster run, along with much more.

Here are the highlights: (transcripts by WrestlingINC)

What Guys From NJPW Does AJ Want In The WWE:

“There a lot of guys that need to be here. I rode with Karl Anderson over here and we were talking about Fale and Tama Tonga. Like, I miss those guys so much, just the chemistry we had when we were together, it’s just unbelievable.”

Bullet Club Merchandise:

“We were just talking about how we see Bullet Club shirts everywhere to this day and literally as we said that, there was a guy walking by with a Bullet Club shirt on. Just so everybody knows, we didn’t make any money off of those shirts, I sure it would’ve been nice.”

Complaints About Nakamura’s Main-Roster Run:

“I mean, it’s a two-hour show, there is that. I get what they’re saying and it’s coming but you have to wait. If we give it to you all at once and it’s over, then what do you [have]? So we’re trying to build up to this big climax. I’m not sure what it’s going to be. I’ve got some ideas, but it’s not what I want, it’s ultimately, it’s what the boss wants and what fans want to see.”

A Eventual Styles vs. Nakamura Match:

“Nakamura and I have wrestled one time, a one-on-one match one time. Obviously, that was done in Japan. We’ve never wrestled each other on US soil, so that’s something to look forward to when it finally happens. But it’s getting there that makes it exciting and I’m not sure when it’ll be, but it’s going to happen at some point. Just be patient, great things are going to happen and it’s all about the build.”

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