AJ Styles Responds To BFG Stipulation, Aries Speaks Out


— AJ Styles posted the following to Twitter in response to Dixie Carter making his World Title match against Bully Ray at Bound For Glory a No DQ match:

“No DQ? I expected nothing less. This Sunday, I’ll make the most of #3821 on Dixie’s mistake list. @REALBully5150 …I’m ready!”

— Marvel has an interview with Styles promoting Bound for Glory that you can read here.

Austin Aries recently spoke with The Miami Herald and among other things, talked about how he nearly left the industry before he signed with TNA in 2011.

Aries said, “My mind was off from wrestling, so when I walked in there I thought, ‘Hey, this is an opportunity to come in, make a little money and see what happens. I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself. I wasn’t saying, ‘This is your last shot.’ I was at peace of trying something else, but this kind of fell in my lap. Maybe since I didn’t have all that pressure and was able to let loose and perform the way I know I can…I could be myself and not worry about saying the right things or the wrong things. I just went out there and had fun. Luckily for me it worked out, and the opportunities kept getting bigger and better, and I kept taking advantage of them.”

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