AJ Styles Reveals How Much He Made In TNA & How Much He Makes Now …. But Do You Believe Him?!


We noted last week here on the website that former TNA star AJ
Styles recently appeared on Wrestling Observer Radio and noted that he’s already
made more money working the indies and New Japan Pro Wrestling than he would
have made in all of 2014 working for TNA Wrestling.

In an update on this, Styles noted that he’s already made close to
what he made with TNA in 2013. Styles went on to say his TNA deal in 2013 paid
around $350,000 but the latest deal he turned down would have ended up at just
over $200,000 per year. Basically, they tried to cut his pay by $150,000
according to him.

The fact is …. he was making $350,000 per year in TNA (not
including merchandise/DVD/PPV bonuses) and that’s more than some lower-card WWE
talents make. Of course, there is more travel,  etc. involved with WWE so debate
that how you will.

Do you believe AJ? …. or is he just bitter? Let us know in the
comments section below!

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