AJ Styles Says TNA Flattened His Ego, Discusses ROH, NJPW, & More


WWE Superstar AJ Styles took part in a Q&A panel at Wizard World Portland last night. During the Q&A session, Styles discussed his time in TNA, ROH and New Japan.

When asked about his time following TNA and before joining WWE, Styles said, “Ring of Honor treated me real well, and New Japan treated me like a superstar. So I’ve got to give credit to them, who helped boost my ego a little bit because it was definitely flattened due to TNA’s service. But then — doing all that and then having the opportunity to come to WWE and…you know, whether people like it or not, WWE is easy, the biggest — you know, when it comes to wrestling, it doesn’t get any bigger than the WWE. And being there means you’ve finally made it.”

Regarding his time in WWE so far, he said, “I can tell you this. I am certainly happy with [making it] to WWE. It is thus far head and shoulders over any other place I’ve ever worked.”

You can check out a video clip of the Q&A session below.

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