​AJ Styles Speaks Out – ROH Future, TNA Live Events, G-1


AJ Styles recently appeared on Live Audio Wrestling, here are
some highlights…

Working the G-1 Climax: The G-1 tournament is
stuff you don’t wanna miss. It’s the best talent coming together and putting
one-on-one matches together. I’m expecting nothing but great things out of that.
It’s stuff like that, being in this tournament, that makes me feel like I am
wanted, and people do want to see AJ Styles wrestle. For a second there when I
left TNA, it didn’t seem like TNA wanted me very much. Going back to the indies,
New Japan especially, and Ring of Honor, it just goes to show that there’s
something I’ve gotta prove, and I expect to do a lot of that in the

Whether he can work the ROH June PPV or not: It
doesn’t look good. I would hate to be scheduled for a match, and then have a
flight be delayed and the next thing you know I’m not making it. I would assume
that when I’m over in Japan it’s a long flight, and it’s some quality matches. I
want to be in tip top shape when I wrestle for New Japan and when I wrestle for
Ring of Honor.

Drawing more than some TNA house shows: I don’t
quite understand why this is, but almost every show I’ve been at has drawn that
kind of number. I’m not saying it’s me, I’m saying the promoters know what
they’re doing. That’s what’s so crazy about this, I’m having so much fun and I’m
going, wow, for somebody to say that I wasn’t worth the money, there sure are a
lot of people showing up at these independent shows to see exactly what I do.
It’s confusing, to say the least, but I’m very excited about the fact that I’m
able to work in front of all these people and I’m able to give them their
money’s worth.

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