AJ Styles Talks About Using His Family For Storyline With Samoa Joe


Former WWE Champion AJ Styles was recently interviewed by Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

“The Phenomenal One” talked about using his wife and daughter during his feud with Samoa Joe over the summer with the WWE Title being up for grabs and how it affected his family at home. Here is what he had to say:

“First and foremost—this is all they’ve ever known that [I have] done. They are quite used to it, and used to what goes on. They know that this is entertainment, they get it, it’s not a big deal to them. You’d think that they go to school bragging, but they couldn’t care less about their Dad being a pro wrestler. [Laughs]”

“The challenges aren’t the storylines, the challenges are not being there when they need you the most. As they get older, their bodies are changing, there’s school stuff and having those sit-downs with them; it’s very important. I want to make sure I’m that Dad and take the time to make sure that they know that I love them, and they can come to me with anything.”

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