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Al Snow Calls Modern Wrestlers Generic, Nick Patrick On A Fantasy Referee Ladder Match



During a recent appearance on The Angle Podcast, former WWE Superstar Al Snow critiqued modern-day wrestlers, calling them generic and lackluster.

Snow’s comments began over a discussion regarding wrestling theme music, and the host Joey Karni noted that wrestling entrance themes now lack the Midas touch since many of them are composed/produced by the same people. Snow said,

“I think that’s because the wrestlers themselves are more generic and not so definable, and as a result, an offshoot of that lack of definition — of definability — translates into the music, you know what I mean? I think, for a musician creating entrance music, if you don’t give them a definable [character], … you’re not going to get that music.”

During a recent edition of AdFreeShows’ Monday Mailbag, former WCW and WWE referee Nick Patrick addressed a fantasy referee Ladder Match at WrestleMania. He said,

“Well, it never was my gig to go over in a match. I get a lot more heat getting beaten and lying about it, so I’m not going to put myself over in this thing. But I think I’d put myself in it. I would let Earl Hebner climb up to the top of that thing and just as he got the belt off and into his hands, I tip that ladder over and send him tumbling out to the floor. Go and take that title away from him while he’s down there … He’s gonna win it, but I’m gonna take it and steal it from him. I ain’t climbing up there … Let him get up there and get it all unhooked and get it in his hands and be all happy and then … jerk that rug right out from under him.”

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