Al Snow discusses Six-sided ring, recent releases, Sandow, Foley and more


Al Snow offered his thoughts on a number of issues In a recent interview with the Huffington Post UK Bloggers, that interview together with exclusive content for ewrestling news readers can be found here. Highlights include:

On the six-sided ring: 
I think that TNA should never have abandoned the six-sided ring. It was a great identifier for the brand.”

On the pressures of wrestling: 

“In WWE, each week – and I emphasise, every week – they sit down and if your name makes it around the table you stay. If it doesn’t, you’re gone.”

On recently released talent: 
You can’t fire wrestlers! They’re never hired. Even if he just goes away for a month, a year or longer, he’s got to go away and then maybe he can be brought back. It’s not the end of the career it’s an opportunity.” 

On the lack of creativity in wrestling:
It’s so overproduced now and the talent themselves over-produce things and don’t leave themselves room to be creative and imaginative.”

On whether Damian Sandow’s Gimmick works:
It depends on if he embraces it. Whenever I felt that I was going to be made to look like an ass, I decided I would make myself look like as big an ass as possible. You’re not going to make a fool of me, I’ll make a fool of me.”

On Mick Foley’s continued use of Al Snow jokes and whether he’ll set up his own show:  

“If I were to start a show, a comedy show, I would want it to be funny! Why would I talk about Mick! You know, when Mick first started telling everyone he wanted to be a stand-up comedian, well, we all laughed, and now he’s a stand-up comedian and nobody’s laughing! But, yes, we still see each other once in a while. We were in a Comic Con together in long Island recently where we hung out”

Al also discussed giving out Val Venus’s number live on raw and letting a goat into someones room. See the full interview here.

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