Al Snow Comments On His GFW Release & Gives His Pick On The Most Ridiculous Gimmick Match


Former GFW producer Al Snow, recently joined the WrestleZone Daily! podcast. During the interview, Al Snow touched on the topic of gimmick matches as we are fresh off of the Punjabi Prison match this past Sunday at Battleground. Snow also spoke his release from GFW.

Here are the highlights from that particular portion of the podcast:

Most Ridiculous Gimmick Match:

“I would have to say the Kennel From Hell simply because a lot of people ask me about it and I always answer with the same thing. Number one, anyone in entertainment knows the two things you don’t work with are animals or children. Hell, even people in porn know that. You’re always going to get upstaged, whether in a bad way or a good way you’re going to get upstaged. Two, you definitely do not work with animals unless they are highly trained animals. You literally have a situation where you make the entire story about the animals, then you bring in animals that aren’t trained at all and then you wonder why it didn’t succeed. I’d have much rather done the Punjabi Prison. Let me tell you, that would have been a lot easier and a lot more predictable then building a story around a bunch of animals that aren’t trained and just urinate, defecate and fornicate.”


This is the “Kennel From Hell” match that Al Snow was referring to.


His GFW Release:

“All I can tell you is this: was it financially driven? I would have to assume it was. You only have so many spots for whatever number of agents you have. This has happened throughout my entire career, it always does. A new broom comes in, they bring in new guys and then the old ones get swept away, that’s just the way it works. Jeff Jarrett has his crew of guys and that’s completely understandable and it’s nothing against them or Jeff. There is only so much money and so many spots to go around and that money and those spots went to Jeff and his crew, that’s understandable. When I was brought in, there was probably someone let go to make space for me to come in. At some point down the road, those people will probably be let go to make room for somebody else to come in, that’s just the way it works, I’ve dealt with it my entire career.”



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