Al Snow Recalls Pitching Bizarre Stable Vince McMahon Turned Down


Al Snow has said a “swarm” of little people were part of an angle he once pitched to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Snow worked for McMahon from 1995-2008 and has since gone on to find success in Impact Wrestling and OVW.

Sitting down with Gary Cassidy of Inside The Ropes, Snow recalled his pitch saying:

“At the time, most people don’t know, but there was an idea that was pitched because it had begun, initially, which was where I was teaming with other tag teams like six man matches, and then I would turn on my own tag team partners. We were going to do this with, like, Crash Holly and Bob Holly and some of others. Then they were finally all going to come out one time and literally beat the s*** out of me in the ring and for revenge.

“I was going to disappear off TV for a couple of weeks and then I was going to return… while Bob and Crash were in the ring and an air raid siren would go off and then I would just point an out from underneath the ring would come like 20 or 25 little people all dressed alike, and they were going to be known as The Swarm. They were going to attack Bob and Crash, and beat the crap out of them, and then I would occasionally show up, point. “Here they come.” You know, The Swarm would hit and I’d terrorize people with The Swarm.”

Snow explained how after McMahon said no, he came up with Head-Cheese, the tag-team of himself and Steve Blackman.

“Vince didn’t want to go for it, unfortunately. As a result, they put Blackman and I together for, like, a pre-tape and I pitched the idea that I could make his lack of a personality a personality, and I could play off of him being so straight and deadpan and I could use that. He could be the straight man and I could be the comedy.”

Head-Cheese than started teaming in 2000 and disbanded the same year.

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