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Al Snow Talks About How He Got HEAD Over With The WWE Audience


Former WWE wrestler Al Snow has talked about why his use of HEAD worked in ECW and WWE. He would also comment on what advice he gives to wrestlers to help them get over:

Speaking on the It’s My House Podcast, Snow had this to say:

“It was quite honestly the reason something like that works and works well, just like in Steve Austin’s case or Vince McMahon’s case or, you know Undertaker or Goldust or Triple H. The one thing I always tell every young wrestler is, the most valuable thing that you have to learn is who you are and be able to have an audience describe you in a sentence or less. For instance, you know, if I say beer-drinking ass-kicking redneck you know I’m talking about Steve Austin. If I say evil asshole of a boss you know, I’m talking about Vince McMahon, and that is key. But in order for it to work with wrestlers or not actors. A lot of people claim that today the wrestlers are playing a character and they’re not. Nothing could be further from the truth. Steve Austin, what you see when he walks through the ring is Steve Austin, it’s just that aspect of his personality he turned up full blast. It’s a lie, I liken it to if you walk into a dinner party or a room with a bunch of people, and you want to take control of the room. You know you have to turn up your energy, you know how to turn up who you are without being obnoxious, so that it draws attention. And to take control of the room as a wrestler you’ve got to be able to do that with your personality in a room of 20,000 people.
I would go to dinner, after shows or go to breakfast and you know when I was on the road and I would take the head into restaurants and sit there with it, order food for them. I mean, we’d argue and have conversations and, I got asked to leave a lot of public places because it was creeping people out. But, you know I did that because if you and your family were in there and you see me, and then next Monday night you’re flipping through the TV channels and you see me come out, you’re like ‘hey look there’s that crazy guy’, and you believe I’m really insane, because, I’ve been sitting there talking to the head the whole time.”
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You can check out Al Snow’s full interview on the It’s My House Podcast below:

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