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NewsAlberto Del Rio Claims WWE Has Talked About Bringing Him Back

Alberto Del Rio Claims WWE Has Talked About Bringing Him Back



Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio has teased a return to the promotion in January 2023.

Del Rio, a four-time World Champion, was released in 2014, but returned in 2015 to be released a year later.

Speaking with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Del Rio made the claim that WWE has had discussions about his return

“We’ll see amigo, this is one of the things I know they have, they have thrown my name out there, I know they have been talking about me and saying ‘Hey, what if, what if, what if?’ Well, let’s please stop with what if and again, what people needs to be saying is ‘Jesus Christ, look at this guy.”

Del Rio recently spoke about possibly signing with AEW, saying he ‘deserves’ to be in a major promotion.

Neither representatives from WWE nor AEW have confirmed that there have been talks about bringing Del Rio in. It’s said to be highly unlikely though.

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