Alberto Del Rio Explains Why He Turned Babyface


Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez recently spoke with Fox News Latino about his babyface turn, his match with Jack Swagger at WrestleMania and more. Check out the highlights:

Del Rio on playing a face: “I was having a blast being the bad guy of the movie, but I’m also having fun being the baby face, the good guy.”

Del Rio on his heel run: “There’s a certain joy to being the bad guy. Sometimes they hate you, sometimes they love you.”

Rodriguez on why they turned babyface: “At this point in time [the fans] prefer us being a good guy.”

Del Rio on his WrestleMania match: “It’s going to be an amazing night not only for me but everyone in Mexico and around the world. We’re going to make history.”

Del Rio on what the WrestleMania match means to him: “My father’s going to be there. We don’t have too many successful people from Mexico doing things like this.”

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