​Alberto Del Rio Gives His Thoughts On Styles, Rock, Kalisto, Cena, Rusev, ‘Taker, Reigns, Paige, Ambrose


During a recent interview with FOX Sports Mexico’s FOX Para Todos, Alberto Del Rio gave his thoughts on the following WWE Superstars:

On AJ Styles: “Tremendous talent.”

On The Rock: “One of the biggest stars in history.”

On working with Kalisto: “Kalisto is someone with a lot of talent. The rivalry between us is only in the ring. I’m doing the same thing for Kalisto that Rey Mysterio did for me. When I first got to WWE, Rey Mysterio introduced me to all the people I had to meet. He guided me and gave me all the advice that I needed to know to succeed in the company. Now I’m doing the same thing for Kalisto to see if he can have the same success I had. Hopefully there’s more Mexican wrestlers in WWE one day.”

On Dean Ambrose: “A great talent and even crazier outside the ring.”

On Kalisto (again): “I wish him the best in his life and his career.”

On Paige: “Well, what can I say. I’ll introduce her to my nephew.” (laughing)

On John Cena: “A great rival and I have a lot of respect towards him.”

On Rusev: “My “Compadre” I call him “Ramiro” since his name is Miro.”

On Roman Reigns: “A young promise now turned into a reality.”

On The Undertaker: “We call him the ‘Godfather of Wrestling’.”

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