Alberto Del Rio Leaving WWE Update, Y2J’s Podcast, More


— While CM Punk reportedly felt that a match with Triple H wasn’t high profile enough for him, it appears that several disagree with him. The feeling backstage from many of his co-workers is that a WrestleMania match with Triple H was a very big deal.

— As noted earlier here on the website, there was talk backstage at Monday’s WWE RAW that Alberto Del Rio has been making noise about potentially leaving the company when his current WWE contract expires.

Apparently Del Rio has been frustrated after going from being a top guy on the SmackDown brand to what he considers to be someone simply being fed to Batista. A lot of the talk in the company is that due to Del Rio’s age, him talking about retirement in the past and the fact that he has had a considerable amount of success and notiriety in Mexico, that maybe it’s getting close to the time that he eventually walks away.

There is no definitive word at this point as to whether or not Del Rio has started working on a new contract, but there is at least a certain amount of concern over his future after the talk at RAW this past Monday night.

— The following press release was issued today:

Talk Is Jericho Now Airs Twice A Week

Chavo Guerrero sits down with Chris Jericho

An Emotional Two Part Interview. Part 1: Eddie Guerrero, Part2: Chris Benoit

LOS ANGELES, February 5, 2014 – Due to an ongoing demand by his fans, Chris Jericho will now be airing Talk Is Jericho twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday at This week’s guest is famed member of the Guerrero wrestling family, Chavo Guerrero, who sits down with Jericho for an intimate interview about his life, his career and the final days of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit.

Available at, Wednesday’s episode with Guerrero offers a revealing discussion about the life of Chavo’s uncle Eddie Guerrero, the days that lead up to his death and the emotional scene that took place in the hotel bathroom.

Friday’s episode continues the conversation as Chris and Chavo discuss the tragic loss of their dear friend Chris Benoit. For the first time, Guerrero speaks publicly about Benoit’s final days and the tragic murder-suicide that rocked the wrestling world.

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