Alberto Del Rio Likely To Appear In WWC – The Latest Details Inside Here


It looks like Alberto Del Rio could soon appear on WWC TV in Puerto Rico as
“El Patron”, his ring name for AAA in Mexico. You can check out a recap of the
segment from WWC TV where El Patron was mentioned by Jose Perez and

At the end of today’s WWC’s TV show in Puerto Rico, there was a
quick segment where ‘El Magnate’ Juan Manuel Ortega is on the phone with someone
reminding him how much fun they had back at WrestleMania 30 weekend “drinking

He then refers to the person he’s speaking to as “El Patrón” (the name
Alberto Del Rio is now using in AAA in Mexico) and said that Patron told him to
call him if he ever needed anything. Ortega then said he needs him to take care
of someone here in Puerto Rico and will pick him up at the airport when he
arrives. He closes the phone call again by saying, “Thank you very much
‘Patrón’. Looking forward to seeing you this week.”

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