Alberto Del Rio On Why He Got Suspended By WWE, Says Andrade Cien Almas Wants To Leave NXT


Alberto Del Rio recently spoke with Mas Lucha about his WWE departure. Here are the highlights.

On his WWE wellness suspension: Of course it was. It was that and along with many more things that made me not want to be there. But there are rules. Their wellness program is one of their rules. I can’t call it absurd because when you work for them, you sign a contract. You know that you are subject to their terms. I don’t think it’s fair because there is a big difference in people using medication to obtain better… (he wants to say performance enhancing) physical performance. But when it is like in my case, a testosterone replacement, where I am a 40 year old man and it is a medical matter that I have proof of from my doctors. I don’t think it is something fair. But I come back to the same thing. It’s their wellness policy and you have to abide to it. So yeah that was part of it, but not all of it. There were many reasons. But it did help me to make the decision to say, “Goodbye, see you later. I don’t want to be in this company.” And as I’m leaving in two years, that was my last time with this company. Now all that’s left is to do what’s here for me in Mexico.

On Andrade Cien Almas wanting to leave WWE NXT: I talked to my good friend Manny and poor guy, he wants to come back. Unfortunately, when you go into that company you have to abide by their rules. That’s just how it is. It’s the nature of our business. I always put it like this. There is a problem with all the talent that goes there, it’s the inability to speak the language. They have the talent but when you go work for a company like this, you have to, I say this, something my great mentor Dean Malenko would tell me. Everything you know, forget it, delete the tape. You are starting from nothing. Use one of the moves or things that will help you get over but forget about lucha libre. Lucha libre will not work here. You will never be anything if you focus and stick to being a luchador in WWE. I adapted and changed myself. I have been the only one to go on and win everything that I won. So that’s what I think is the formula. I told Manny this the last time I saw him. He asked me if things were different on the main roster. I told him, “Things are going to get worse up there.” (Big laugh) I said, “It’s up to you. Put all you can into learning English.” I told him the exact same thing Dean Malenko told me. In my humble opinion, if it worked for me, it’ll work for you. Now with those two, it is all a matter of time and adapting. If they change, they will get support. The physique is an important aspect over there. Manny looked incredible here. Over there he looks a little fat. For WWE, that is one of their principle ideals. All that’s left is to wish them the best of luck. WWE will always be looking for another Rey or another Alberto. Will they be able to find another? I really doubt it. Not because there aren’t people with the amount of talent a Rey has or I have. Simply because every wrestler is their own person and has their own name. You can’t just find another one. You have to create someone that will hopefully be better than us. I wish them both luck.

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