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NewsAlberto Del Rio Says His Original Luchador Persona is His First Love

Alberto Del Rio Says His Original Luchador Persona is His First Love



In two new Instagram posts, former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio commented on his original dream of wanting to be a Luchador like his father and said that his first love is the Dos Caras Jr persona.

Alberto is not only an accomplished professional wrestler but has also done okay for himself in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

However, it is well known that due to the history and tradition of Lucha Libre in Mexico, there is nothing like the bond between a Luchador and their mask. Even after all the success that Alberto has had without the mask, that connection and tradition still shines through:

Since I was a young child, I dreamed of being a #Luchador. While the other children played to be Batman and Robin, Superman, and other superheroes, I always wanted to be #DosCaras. At 8 years old I took it upon myself to make my dream a reality, to one day to become as big as my superhero, my father. Starting as an amateur champion, to going through numerous stages with the vision of one day being able to earn the privilege of wearing the mask of my idol, the living legend, my boss, the great Dos Caras. The mask of my father represents years of hard work and dedication which I carry with great pride as our legacy, La Dinastia Dos Caras!
One of the most difficult decisions of my life was to change my company, leave my dear Mexico and migrate to another country, learn another language and adjust to a completely different culture. It was a milestone in my life, although I must confess that the most difficult part of the transition was to put my dreams of Dos Caras Jr. in a drawer to be reborn. My first love is Dos Caras Jr. it was my dream come true and will always be part of my essence. The second phase of my life allowed me to become a renowned world icon, to reach far where few have achieved it, in the biggest wrestling company in the world to be [reborn] as #AlbertoDelRio. I came to fulfill the American dream and to conquer extremely demanding rings. Both characters have brought me many joys, sadness, bad and good times just like the rollercoaster of life met great people along the way and made great friends, but most importantly, I fulfilled the dreams that I always had as a child. Just as I visualized since I was just a little boy, that one day with a lot of effort, dedication, and determination, I could be at the level of my father and many other legends of #WRESTLING

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