Alberto Del Rio Talks Paige’s WWE Return, Suspension From IMPACT Wrestling, More


Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio recently took part in a conference call for IMPACT wrestling. You can check out some of the highlights below:

Paige’s WWE return: “She’s doing fantastic. She’s training every single day, she looks strong, she looks super healthy. She has been cleared by her personal doctors and also by the doctors of the company,” he said. “So she’s looking fantastic, I don’t know if you’ve seen her pictures lately, but she looks like she’s in amazing shape and she’s gonna be ready for whenever the company wants her to go back and kick some ass.”


His suspension from IMPACT: “Everyone was supporting me in Impact Wrestling. I mean, the company did what they had to do after that awful incident. They needed to [suspend me], because they had pressure from the network and sponsors. But they also did what they had to do, the right thing after they got the evidence from the police department, the district attorney, that showed the world that in that situation I was the victim in a stupid incident that media and fans decided to make a big thing or blow it out of proportion because it was nothing,” El Patron said.

“Absolutely nothing. It was just me and my fiancee having a bad day, arguing, and like any other couple out there, any other couple around the world, we argue sometimes and some arguments are worse than the others, and that’s exactly what it was. I bet a million dollars that couples out there, when they have arguments, sometimes they say things they don’t really feel or that aren’t even real because it’s in the heat of the moment. That’s exactly what it was, so my company Impact Wrestling at the beginning they did what they needed to do for the business and I agreed.”

Being stripped of the title: “It was actually my idea, it was me telling them, ‘Hey, I think the best thing to do is for me to give you the title and not be the Impact Wrestling Champion anymore because at the moment, until we get the evidence and show the world that I didn’t do absolutely anything, it looks bad. And I want to set an example,'” he explained. “When I was in the other company I was the one always saying, ‘Why rules apply for some wrestlers and not for the others?

“Why the main guys, they can get away with everything and the other ones, they get punished?’ I don’t want to be that guy in Impact Wrestling. So even though I’m Alberto El Patron and I’m one of the main stars in the company, or at that moment I was the champion, I said, ‘I want the rules to apply to everyone, including me. So here’s the title, I will get it back in the ring the way you’re supposed to do it when the time is right.'”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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