Alberto El Patron Trashes The WWE Following His Slammiversary XV Match


Following his unification of the Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Title & the GFW Championship, Alberto El Patron grabbed a microphone & began to speak his mind. The new champion shook Lashley’s hand, complimented himself & his opponent. Then, he stated that the two have worked everywhere, including the WWE.

El Patron: “Even that f*****g company, WWE!” He would add that WWE was “Full of losers.” You gave me the battle of my life and for that and for these fans, the real fans, let’s do it again. Not for you, not for me, for the [inaudible] of pro wrestling, because we’re not f*****G sports entertainers. Bobby Lashley and every single wrestler at Impact Wrestling, in this place, we are not sports entertainers, we are f****** wrestlers.”

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