Aleister Black Calls Out Fans Using Racist Chants


Recently, WWE Superstar Aleister Black took to his Official Tumblr account to address controversial remarks used by members of the WWE Universe. In the post, Aleister Black calls out the racist and xenophobic chants directed at his wife and fellow WWE Superstars.

For those who are unaware, Aleister Black is married to fellow WWE Superstar Zelina Vega. You can check out the post from his blog below:

See I can deal with “fans” sitting ringside bodyshaming me, I can deal with people who have zero physical prowess mocking and degrading me whilst telling me I need to more conditioning because they can’t tell the difference between selling and being out of breath because they simply lack the knowledge. I can deal with “fans” commenting on my legs after I have not been able to train my legs for 4+ weeks due to an injury from all this ‘fake fighting’ that I do.

But what I cannot deal with is yelling racial slurs at my wife or my opponent/colleagues.

And on to top it all off; having your own kids sitting next to you while daddy bullies, bodyshames, yells sexist and racist slurs towards fictional characters that he only knows from his TV screen.

There is a reason until the day this earth ceases to exist that you savely sit behind a guard rail hidden in the masses and I am the one in the ring. And the sooner you realize that, the quicker you can improve your life and fulfill whatever it is that is left unfulfilled causing you to act out the way that you do.

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