Aleister Black Is Still Expected To Sign With AEW


Aleister Black (Tommy End, Tom Budgen) is expected to sign with AEW after being released by WWE. 

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about Black’s status and noted that while WWE has exclusive rights to him for the next few months, the belief is that Black will be headed to AEW. 


“They would have to re-sign him…like with Drake Maverick, they did have to re-sign him. Given that he went back to NXT and rather than the main roster makes me think that they probably re-signed him for less money because I know that a lot of guys over the years have then been offered new contracts for far less money and very few of them go back. Maybe they’ll give [Aleister] the same money….everyone’s different, everyone has different wants. Unofficially because you’re not allowed to negotiate, I certainly have heard at one point not many days ago that to expect him in AEW. Officially there’s no deal, there can’t be a deal until the end of August so we’ll see. [WWE does] have exclusive rights to negotiate with him right now as far as legally goes. They could offer less money and if he agrees, he can come back. They can offer the same money, they can offer more money but he is not bound to have to come back. He is released so it has to be all in negotiations.”

Black is under a standard 90-day non-compete clause with WWE. Thus, he will not be able to sign with AEW or anyone else until Tuesday, August 31.

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