Aleister Black Recalls Vince McMahon Deciding Against Planned US Title Run


Aleister Black shared stories about his run in WWE during a video stream on Twitch following his WWE release yesterday.

During it, he shared that he was scheduled to win the US Title at one point. However, Vince McMahon nixed it. 


Aleister Black on a planned US title win getting shot down: “There was a moment where I was supposed to win, I think it was the US Title, but then Vince’s consensus was ‘I don’t want to have him win his first title in front of no audience.’ So there was always good stuff. There’s a lot of good stories, a lot of almost happened moments, so I can’t be negative.”

Aleister Black on going off script for his Money in the Bank Promo: “A lot of the promos weren’t my writing, unfortunately. Do you guys remember the Money In the Bank promo that I did on AJ where I stepped out of the dark? Well, that was the first time I did, ‘Well, alright, f*** it. I’m gonna do what I want to do. If they get mad at me, they’ll get mad at me,’ and that promo got praise, then they never went back to it.”

Black on his NXT run: “I think after my match with [Velveteen] Dream, I remember, apparently, a lot of people in the wrestling world were like, ‘Whoa, what’s going on there?’ And the cool things was is that that was the first time they gave me complete freedom to just do my own match, and they put trust in me. I think when I proved I could do a good storytelling match, and I could lead a match and take someone else and take them to the next level, it proves you can be more than just a star yourself. You can uplift other people too, which is great.”

On when he had the most fun in WWE: “Fast forward to the main roster, I think the last three – four months of me being in NXT when I tagged with Ricochet were probably, professionally, some of my favorite moments in wrestling because me and Trevor would have RAW on Monday, SmackDown on Tuesday, NXT on Wednesday, you get one day off and Friday back on the road. And we did that for months. We got so well oiled, and that’s where I had the most fun. I really felt like a professional wrestler. I felt like a professional. I felt I was untouchable at that point. You could have thrown anything at me, and I would have been able to just knock it out of the park. You always have to work within the boundaries that they give you, and I feel that is the true professional. If there’s no cuffs and you can do whatever you want, it’s a different landscape, but if you’re able to shine in a place where you have boundaries and you’re surrounded by rules and I’m a big fan of having boundaries. It forces me to be more creative, and if you can shine there, I feel like that’s a testimony of being a professional.”

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