Alex Hammerstone Believes MJF Could Have An Incredible Acting Career


MJF won the AEW World Championship this past weekend at Full Gear. The 26-year-old wrestler is set to star in A24’s Von Erichs biopic The Iron Claw.

During a recent AdFreeShows interview, Alex Hammerstone, who worked with MJF in MLW, predicted that the AEW star could have a bright future in Hollywood and that he may retire from pro wrestling at the age of 30.

“What a miraculous wrestling career that might never be. Listen, if he’s as good and incredible in the acting world as he is in wrestling, which let’s be honest, he most likely is going to be, he might be done with wrestling before he’s 30. He still has plenty of time to get to the top and enjoy his time and make a smooth exit, but I think that’s most likely what he’s going to do.”

He continued, “The only downside to that is that we’re not going to enjoy another decade of MJF in wrestling and what he can contribute. I really think if this goes as well as I think it’s going to for him, it’s going to be the first of many things for him.”

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