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Alex Hammerstone Comments On Working With Cesar Duran, MLW Azteca & More



MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone was recently interviewed on The Wrestling Inc. Daily as he spoke about working with Cesar Duran, what he thinks about MLW Azteca, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

His thoughts on Azteca: “It’s been different, it’s definitely kind of a different flavor, a different vibe. You know, some different wrestlers to kind of play off of creatively, so it’s always interesting in that regard to do something new. I am enjoying it, and I am just kind of excited to see where it all goes.”

Alex Hammerstone on working with Cesar Duran: “You know, it’s interesting because I think a lot of people thought that character was gone forever from the pro wrestling world,” he stated. “So to have him reprise a role within pro wrestling and the charisma he brings is very undeniable. It’s a privilege to be able to have that in our product. His approach is different, without necessarily trying to trip him up or anything, it’s just the way we do things. He’s pretty good at adapting, I’ll put it that way.”

On Azteca integrating certain elements from Lucha Underground and being a fan of LU: “I was [a fan of LU]. I’m not going to sit here and b.s. you and tell you I watched every single episode, but I paid attention to what they were doing and I watched a fair bit of it. I had some friends that were working there at the time, it was just something so different at the time, and something so unique. To get to kind of pick some of those elements and integrate them into what we are doing. I am glad that it’s being done. I think there’s some fans that miss it. And it’s not like we are copying it or bastardizing it or anything like that. Some of the elements are being carried over and I think it’s a fun experience for the fans.”

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