Alex Riley Discusses His Transition From The WWE Into Acting


Former WWE star Alex Riley was a recent guest on’s “The List and Ya Boy Podcast”. During the podcast, Riley reflected on his path from a WWE in-ring talent, to becoming a major character in the wrestling-based Netflix series; GLOW.

Here’s what Kevin (Alex) Riley had to say:


Riley: “I had come to the end of a ten year career with WWE. We obviously had some creative difference, I’ll put it that way. I always wanted to give Hollywood a shot. When Dusty Rhodes was hired in FCW, it was the first time they instituted a promo class, I very much enjoyed it. I thought I had a decent aptitude for it. I wasn’t great by any means to start. When I and WWE decided to part ways, I was fortunate enough to get some immediate attention out of Hollywood from a manager. The GLOW opportunity came, two or three weeks later across (his manager’s) desk. I did a tape, I auditioned for it and I heard that I got it. Timing was eerie in a way, for it to be that type of role that quickly after we decided to part ways was pretty cool. It made me think that ‘maybe this is the path that I should be on.”


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