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Alex Riley Mocks Chris Jericho: Claims He’s Not Attractive To “Any Sex”


Alex Riley has taken to his Instagram page to fire several shots at AEW wrestler Chris Jericho. Riley’s issues with Jericho seem to stem from the AEW star’s claims that he auditioned for the role of Steel Horse in the Netflix show GLOW. That same role would eventually go to Riley, something Jericho clearly did not agree with commenting on his Talk Is Jericho podcast back in 2017, “I didn’t get it, and not only did I not get it, Alex Riley got it, who’s about a one in the scale of wrestling notoriety.”

Riley who has taken some time to respond, posted a series of pictures of Jericho on his Instagram stories. He captioned the images:


“This Guy [Jericho] actually thot he should have had the GLOW roll I got hahahahahahahahha. I mean guys WTF are we talking about here”

“You had to be some what attractive to “any sex” to be “The Steal Horse” baby let’s get “real””

Alex Riley Takes Shots at Chris Jericho

Alex Riley’s Steel Horse character would appear in just one episode of GLOW in the first season of the show. GLOW was cancelled in 2020 after filming had begun on the fourth and final season. The cancellation stemmed from issues surrounding the filming of a wrestling based show during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is not the first time that Alex Riley has targeted a wrestler through his Instagram page, after recently ranting about John Cena and The Rock.

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