Alex Shelley

Alex Shelley Comments On Being A Fan Of Hammerstone, MLW Being A Good Fit For Him


Alex Shelley was recently interviewed by Fightful and discussed joining MLW to take part in the “Opera Cup” tournament, how long he was in talks with MLW and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On being a fan of MLW and how long he’d been in talks: “Yeah, it is. I’ve been a fan of MLW since 2002 / 2003. Like, when I was starting out, MLW in its first incarnation was so cool because it was so different at the time. MLW front office probably a while ago (reached out), maybe almost two years ago. It just never really matched up time-wise. But now it seems like a pretty good fit.”

On how the MLW roster skews towards technical wrestling: “Yeah and I think what really gets me most interested in the tournament itself is the fact that really, truly—there’s a couple of acrobats—but most of these guys are truly technical wrestlers. I feel that’s something that’s coming full circle right now. We’re kinda seeing a revitalization of it amongst all of the companies. So for me to be able to test myself against a lot of these guys in singles competition, a lot of them—even though I’ve crossed paths with them—I’ve never wrestled them one on one. It’s very exciting.”

On Hammerstone: “Hammerstone’s a guy I’m a huge fan of. I think he works really, really hard. Myron is actually somebody I really would like to wrestle. Part of that is because I’ve trained so hard with Trey Miguel and Trey and Myron are two peas in a pod, right? But there’s a handful of guys. A lot of them are in the Opera cup. Tajiri would be dope. I’ve actually met him multiple times, too. But, I’ve never been in the ring with him. But yeah, they’ve got a lot of really, really cool talent.”

On people praising his wrestling ability: “I think the cool thing that they have, too, is an open-door policy. So they have people coming in and out for special appearances as well and that’s appealing. For me, I get most excited for technical wrestling these days. That’s not to say that they have to be a technical wizard or anything like that. I don’t think anyone would consider Myron to be that, for example. He’s ultra-talented in other ways. But I really like wrestling younger guys who are going to push me to know that I can still keep up, if not eat them up. One of the greatest compliments I got was after I wrestled Tre Lamar, who’s a younger guy, he said it was like wrestling Wolverine. ‘Dude just keeps coming.’ I was like, ‘Oh, man. Can I get that in writing?’ Or maybe a sweet tattoo on my lo back, my low back.”

On the veterans on the roster: “Yeah, they’ve got so many guys who are just so accomplished. That’s what drew me to MLW twenty years ago, too. Watching Sabu versus La Parka or the Far East Connection versus Chris Daniels and the Maximos. Those matches were like, ‘Whoa, man. I never thought these guys would wrestle.'”

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