Alex Shelley

Alex Shelley Pulls Out of wXw Event, Blames Coronavirus Risk


Alex Shelley has announced that he will not be appearing at wXw’s “16 Carat Gold” event this weekend. This is due to the coronavirus. He said,

“To anyone who cares: I will not be coming to wXw this weekend. I have my own ideas of what the Corona Virus is and why it exists (Transmitted by fish and bat? Xenosuperbug that just so happened to shut down a major economic force? Pangolins are my favorite animal. you bastards!) but two things that are very real would be the fact that it makes people sick and has caused immense risk within the travel industry. Logistically and biochemically. As many of you know, I work. I have a regular job. Like you. And many of my patients need me. Some of them are also very immunocompromised. Even if I don’t get sick, I could be a potential vector. As much as I want to finally wrestle in a legendary venue against someone awesome. I have to do what’s right by my ethical compass. I hope you understand. If your mother. brother, lover, any other sucker was being treated by a clinician, I believe we can agree we would want them to knowingly minimize their risk of exposure to an epidemic. Thanks for your understanding and support. Slay rad.”

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