Alexa Bliss & Mickie James - WWE

Alexa Bliss Discusses Embarrassing Moment With Mickie James


WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss was recently interviewed by Adam Glyn as she discussed her most embarrassing moment ever in WWE that just so happened to occur during a match with Mickie James.

Bliss said that her in-ring shorts were on backwards, as Mickie James had to tell her so she could quickly run backstage and change her shorts.

Bliss said,

“My shorts were on backwards, and Mickie James had to tell me in the ring that my shorts were on backwards. And during commercial break, I had to run back to Gorilla and change them around and then run back out.”

In response, Mickie James replied: “I am a Day Saver. Lol. I remember! Also… I [heart] @AlexaBliss_WWE so of course I’m gonna let her know.” Bliss later replied, “I actually have a picture of this very moment love u Mickie 🖤 @MickieJames”

You can check out the Twitter exchange and interview clip below:

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