Alexa Bliss Discusses Why She Thinks Her Match Against Trish Stratus At Evolution Was Changed


WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss is today’s guest on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia. Here are the highlights (H/T to WrestleZone).  

Finding out that she was originally supposed to face Trish Stratus at Evolution:

“The day I started with WWE I always said, ‘I would love to be able to face Trish Stratus one day.’ I was like, ‘If she ever returns to the ring, I would love to face Trish Stratus.’ I said that in probably almost every media interview I’ve ever done. We both came from similar backgrounds and I just thought she’s amazing and I’m really excited to face her at Evolution. I found out on Twitter like everyone else. I first thought that it was photo shopped. I was like, ‘Oh, that would be awesome,’ because people on Twitter, they photo shop everything. I was like, ‘Oh that would be cool, if only.’ Then WWE tweeted it and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Apparently she found out the same way. We didn’t know we would be facing each other and it was made into a tag match, which is awesome because what’s better than being in the ring with one legend? Being in there with three and getting to team with Mickie [James] and it’s so awesome and it’s so cool and I’m so excited.”

Why the match was changed from a singles contest to tag team bout:

“I have no idea. I know there was a lot of speculation on social media because I was injured or this, that, and the other; but, no, I think it was just the direction they wanted to go in and we were told when it was announced earlier in the day. They were like, ‘Hey it’s gonna be a tag match.’ No reason. I think it makes it exciting. I think it makes it really cool because you have Team Bestie (Trish & Lita) and the dynamic, I think it would have been – not the word a waste, I don’t want to use the word waste. I think it would have been, I don’t know. I feel like it’s a lot more fun to have Mickie involved because of Trish and Mickie’s history. It needed to be done. That’s just my personal opinion. It makes sense. Mickie and me have been teammates for God knows how long now and Trish and Lita are Team Bestie, so why not? I feel like that saw that from a creative standpoint and saw the value in that and wanted to go with it and there wasn’t anything that happened that turned it into a tag match. I think it was just what they wanted to do.”

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