Alexa Bliss & Nikki Bella Hang Out In Mexico (Photos), DDP Set To Go On A UK Hall Of Fame Tour


The following press release has been issued regrading WWE Hall Of Famer DDP, commencing a UK Hall Of Fame tour:

Chris Brooker in association with Eros Comedy presents

Diamond Dallas Page: The Hall Of Fame Tour 2017

Live uncensored Q&As with the WWE Hall Of Famer, three time world champion and fitness guru.

Tour Website:

Tour Twitter Feed: @RealDDP

Tour Facebook Page:

Tour Instagram:

“Larger than life in every sense, there really is only one Diamond Dallas Page. This Jersey Shore native and three time world champion is a walking, living, breathing testimony to the power of positivity. Whether it’s his own story of breaking the wrestling world wide open, or the way he inspires people all around the world to change their lives for the better with his DDPY program, the mantra remains the same;

If  you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re RIGHT! You… Own Your Life!

Wrestling fans will know Dallas as one of the newest members of the prestigious WWE Hall Of Fame. Making his in-ring debut at the age of thirty five, many scoffed at him but were forced to eat their words when he became one of the brightest stars in the business during it’s hottest era. A three time WCW World Champion during the infamous ‘Monday Night Wars’ with WWE; he went to war with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, Randy Savage and Sting. Even finding himself in the ring with NBA icons Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone! Page ignited crowds wherever he went with his fire, his relentless drive and his trademark Diamond Cutter… a manuever still associated with him to this very day.

Folks from outside the wrestling world will know him as the man behind DDP Yoga, a fitness and lifestyle program that’s inspired countless people to change their lives for the better. You may have seen the video of Arthur Boorman, the man whose journey from being an almost wheelchair bound veteran to being able to run freely moved many to tears His story is one of many, alongside fellow WWE Hall Of Famers Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall, that have also benefited from following Dallas’ mentoring. You can see Roberts and Hall’s journey on Netflix in the documentary “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake”.

September will see Dallas Page’s first trip to the UK in more than three years. Over the course of two weeks, the WWE Hall Of Famer will be taking part in live Q&A meet and greets as well as leading DDPY Workshops, that he calls “Inspiration meets Perspiration,” around the country. Whether you’re a lifelong wrestling fan eager to hear tales from one of the wildest and most unlikely careers in the squared circle or someone that’s looking to get fit, get motivated or change your life for the better, then you can’t miss this tour!”


The following photos below are of current RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss & Nikki Bella hanging out in Mexico yesterday, while filming an episode of “Total Divas”.


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