Alexa Bliss Raises $16,000 For Pig Rescue Operation – Details


Following the tragic loss of her pet pig, Larry-Steve, WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss has now raised over $16,000 for a pig rescue operation. As many of you know, Bliss’ pig Larry-Steve passed away last week, just one day before his fourth birthday. Bliss had tried to get Larry-Steve help, but every vet in her area turned her away and didn’t know how to treat his condition. Bliss spoke to and said she raised the money after an Instagram Live fundraiser, along with added encouragement from several people who had similar experiences with their pigs. She said,

“We just know that, unfortunately, there’s not enough vets that are able to treat pigs or any tools to be able to help larger animals” She says she’s looking into starting a vet and said “it’s gonna be called The House Larry-Steve Built.”

Bliss added, “I would love to keep rescuing animals and pigs specifically because they are so emotionally smart. They have the learning capability and understanding of a 3-year-old child. They can feel grief and they can cry real tears. People don’t know that they’re actually super emotional and super smart. I’m fascinated by pigs and loved having Larry around.”

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