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NewsAlexa Bliss Talks Her Move To RAW, Who She Is Excited To...

Alexa Bliss Talks Her Move To RAW, Who She Is Excited To Work With And More



Former two-time Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is now officially on Monday Night RAW. Yahoo Sports caught up with one of the fastest-rising Women’s wrestlers in the company.


Here are the highlights from the interview:

On Pros & Cons Of Switching Brands:

Bliss:“Some of the cons would definitely be uprooting everything, changing, getting a new schedule, having to meet new people and build relationships with those people almost every eight months now. But there are plenty of pros. I still do get to meet new people, it’s a new environment, a new opportunity. I’m really excited.”

Having Mickie James Make The Transition To RAW W/ Her:

Bliss:“The locker room with the Raw girls, I spent some time with them in NXT, so it’s not like I don’t really know anybody. In the same breath though, it’s great that Mickie is coming over with me and we have had some time to work together and build a dynamic and bring that to Raw. A lot of the girls I’ve worked with in NXT but it hasn’t been for almost a year so I’m excited to get to work with them again.”

Working The Smackdown Live Women’s Championship Match At WrestleMania, Was That Her “Swan-Song” & Knowing Of Her Move To RAW:

Bliss: “We actually didn’t know really what was coming. We didn’t find out anything literally until the day before saying ‘Hey, you’re going to be on Raw,’ so I was like ‘Oh, OK.’Having the chance to have the matches that I’ve had has been so good. I was also so excited for Naomi at WrestleMania first and foremost because having that moment at WrestleMania, coming in with the title, that was the highlight of my career, so getting to share that moment with Naomi and her regaining the title in her hometown, that was amazing. Working with her again on Smackdown Tuesday was awesome, it was such a good dynamic.

I love when title changes happen because you get to evolve the storyline and evolve each others’ characters. Each person winds up changing and growing. I was super excited to have more matches together and then I found out that I was going to be at Raw and found out I was going to be making an entrance and that’s kind of when it solidified that ‘OK, I’m here and I’m going to do this now.’ Now I’m just looking ahead to the opportunity and seeing who I am going to get into a story with and how this is going to go.”

Most Excited To Work With On RAW:

Bliss: “Opponent-wise, I’m really excited to work with Bayley. I had a lot of my best matches with her at NXT, she helped me develop a lot as a character and in-ring performer. I’m really excited to work with her again and see how much we’ve both changed in a year. Also Nia Jax, because we’re really, really close friends and I’m excited to be with her again. It’s going to be awesome.”

To Read The Full Interview With Alexa Bliss By Yahoo Sports, Click Here



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