Alexander Wolfe Comments On Controversy With Former NXT Referee Drake Wuertz & More


Alexander Wolfe was interviewed by WrestlingINC Daily where he spoke about his issues with former NXT referee Drake Wuertz. Wuertz was released several weeks ago by WWE along with multiple other WWE Superstars and personnel.

Alexander Wolfe on knowing Drake Wuertz for a while: “I’ve known Drake since 2010. One of my first wXw matches was against him. I know back in the day he had the alcohol addiction problems, but he got better. I have a different opinion than all the guys that want to s–t on him.”

Wolfe on people deserving freedom of choice for their opinions: “It doesn’t matter how he believes in politics or whatever. And this is very important because right now America is such a divided country because of politics, because of the election last year, because of all the bulls*** going around with COVID and all the stuff you see on television and what got promoted. Everybody should have the freedom of choice, what you want to do, what you want to believe.”

Alexander Wolfe on his experience with Wuertz and how you have to be careful about expressing your opinions: “Of course, I haven’t seen anything [with Drake], and he was always great to me. When he did something like this, it’s probably like, ‘Okay, shut the f*** up.’ If you believe in that, if you like to think that, if you believe in what somebody calls a conspiracy, that’s good. That’s awesome. But keep it to yourself. You also need to know that when you work for a publicly traded company, it’s okay to be open and express your mind because it’s the First Amendment, but know that you could get yourself in trouble. Let’s say he posts something about politics. You probably have some guys that would agree, but you’ll also have more guys possibly that disagree with you. So you have 50% of your followers kind of, you know, [upset]. So you have to know you damaged yourself. Even if you think there’s some guys out there that share my opinion about a political topic or something, know some people are right on the other side.

“I hear Drake is a big supporter of working against child trafficking. I think I speak for everybody when I say nobody thinks that’s a good thing. It’s a horrible thing. And if you get deep into it, you probably get f***ed up in your brain. If you’re in that rabbit hole, you probably see something everywhere. Maybe he got too deep in it, I don’t know, but you cannot bring that to work. You are a professional athlete, a professional worker for this company. You have to be professional. If somebody wants to get the vaccine, that’s their choice. If nobody wants the vaccine, it’s fine, it’s their honest opinion. But you cannot tell somebody that wants to get it, ‘Don’t get it.’ Let it be.”

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