Alexander Wolfe Reveals That He Was Sent Home From WrestleMania, More


During a recent interview with Sport1, former WWE Superstar Alexander Wolfe commented on being sent home from WrestleMania, why SAnitY didn’t work, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the creation of SAnitY: “The basic idea of ​​Sanity was a group that was based on the Tremor Brothers around Chris Pine from the film ‘Smoking Aces’: psychopathic killers who storm into a restaurant with chainsaws, ax and sawed-off shotgun and slaughter everyone because they have one there Murder people, people who create total chaos. That was the basic idea of ​​Triple H – and it was then changed at short notice by adding Nikki Cross as a female member who also messed with men, which made it unique to me again.”

On why they failed on the main roster: “I was not told directly how, what and why, I can only guess. One problem is: SmackDown is more ‘mainstream’ than NXT, less hot, more youth-friendly, less wrestling, more entertainment, more wishy-washy. It’s one of those things about WWE that they somehow never want to have anything to do with wrestling, even though they’re a wrestling company, stupidly. Then, from my point of view, the first fuck-up was that Nikki Cross didn’t make it to the main roster, the second was that the time factor played an important role. We should have stayed longer with NXT, made the implied feud against the Undisputed Era, in order to mature even more.”

On being sent home from WrestleMania: “I would have loved to play at the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. At WrestleMania, it ran for me like: At WrestleMania 35 we would have had a job in the match Shane McMahon vs. The Miz. We had pitched the idea to intervene and catch Miz doing a jump stunt that he had planned. We were already on site in New York, we were told to come to the stadium for the rehearsals – and on the way there it was said: ‘Boys, it won’t work, go home’. That was another real kick in the balls. Shortly afterwards we were informed of the resolution.”

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