Alexander Wolfe: Wrestler’s “Wanna Stay In NXT.”


Axel Tischer the man formerly known as Alexander Wolfe recently commented on many wrestlers in WWE not wanting to leave NXT.

Speaking to WrestleTalk, Tischer had this to say:

“I know a lot of guys, they do not want to get (called) up. They’ve openly said they wanna stay (in NXT). They had the chance to go up and they refused to do it even if the money’s more. Which I really respect, and after I came back to NXT and NXT UK, for me it was also like I never wanted to go back up.. It does not have anything to do with yourself, your abilities, or even the main roster itself. You get lost in the shuffle because of reasons. And in the end, it’s not really anybody’s fault because you cannot put everybody on the telly.”

Wolfe’s comments are certainly interesting as the idea of NXT call-up’s getting lost in the shuffle has been the case for more than a few names. However, do WWE deserve a little more credit than they are given, especially considering that of the eight people to hold the Universal Championship, six have spent time in NXT. But, admittedly this number is significantly lower when looking at the WWE Championship, with just 7/18 of the WWE Champions over the last ten years spending any significant amount of time in NXT.

It could be argued the idea of names wanting to stay in NXT is rife throughout the current roster, with names such as Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa, and Johnny Gargano yet to move up to the main roster despite spending an extended amount of time in the developmental brand.

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Full credit goes to WrestleTalk for the quotes used in this article.

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