Ali: “WWE Didn’t Have Time to Air my KOTR Promo on SmackDown! Live”


Following Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown! Live broadcast, WWE released a King of the Ring promo for Ali. The WWE SmackDown! Live Superstar said WWE “didn’t have time” to air the promo during SmackDown! Live this week. He said,

“Those with power, they just love to take. Every day they take from people like you. Every day they take from people like me. They took the biggest opportunity of my entire career from me, even though I begged and I pleaded with tears in my eyes, they still took it away from me when they took me out of the Elimination Chamber match. And then at Money In the Bank, I had a chance at redemption and they took that away from me, too. But they’re not done taking yet, no. You see, a few weeks before Summerslam I had beat the Intercontinental Champion, and you would think that would set me up for a title match, but instead they take that away too. Now, I’m in the King of the Ring tournament and somehow, someway, they’re gonna try and find out a way to try and take that from me too, but here’s the thing. This time they will try, and this time they will fail because this time I will be the one to take, because this time I will be the one to wear the crown.”

Ali defeated Andrade in a dark match before SmackDown! Live this week.

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