Alicia Keys At WrestleMania?, Dreamer’s Testicle Issues


Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with these newsbits:

— As noted earlier, the funeral for Reid Flair took place on Wednesday at the Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hundreds were in attendance. Speeches were given by his father Ric Flair, his sister and his girlfriend. Several wrestlers were also said to be in attendance, along with his friends and family.

— The beauty of social media is that it enables fans to get to know the wrestlers like they have never been able to before. Former ECW and WWE star Tommy Dreamer allows us to get intimately close with his latest Twitter update, where he details a scary incident involving his testicle. Dreamer tweeted:

“The most panic in a mans head occurs when his testical goes up into his upper man area. OMG just happened the discomfort & crazy thoughts”

— All eyes are on Vince McMahon, who has promised a big announcement through his Twitter account on Friday. As noted earlier, the belief is that the CEO will reveal the person singing America the Beautiful at WrestleMania 29. Some rumblings are going around that Alicia Keys could be the person that WWE has signed.

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