All Pro Wrestling Congratulates Daniel Bryan


All Pro Wrestling sent out the following today…

In 2002, the “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson was named as the Head APW Boot Camp Trainer shortly after his King of Indies Tournament win. Coming from intense training himself from the likes of wrestling masterminds like William Regal, Danielson (Now known as Daniel Bryan in the WWE), helped shape theAPW Boot Camp into the Pro Wrestling Training School that it is known as today, and indirectly has a hand inproducing the top wrestling talent found anywhere in the United States.

As Head Trainer, Bryan helped shape the career of one of our most successful students, Sara Del Ray, who tours all over the world, making her living as a Professional Wrestler, and living her dream every single day.

We at APW offer our sincerest congratulations to Daniel Bryan for achieving the pinnacle of Professional Wrestling.

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