Allysin Kay Continues to Blast Tessa Blanchard, Says She’s Trying to “Find Dirt and Spread Lies” About Her


Current NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay is not backing down in her feud with Tessa Blanchard. As reported on Saturday here on eWn, Blanchard released a statement via Twitter where she denied some of the recent allegations made against her.

Allysin took to Twitter on Sunday, saying the following,


“I said what I had to say so I’d love to move on, but I just got several msgs about @Tess_Blanchard trying to spread lies. Unfortunately for you, I’ve built my 11-yr reputation on being respectful. Instead of owning up to your mistakes, you lie, scheme & prove you haven’t changed.

This is one reason people don’t speak up. It’s also one of the reasons I felt I needed to be the one to do so. I have a thick skin, there’s no dirt on me, I have a large platform & amt of colleagues who vouch for me. I’ll gladly absorb this frontline of idiocy to shield my friend.”

Allysin claims she received a message from a friend who said Tessa Blanchard was trying to “find dirt” and “spread lies” about her. You can check out a screenshot of those messages below.

The message from Blanchard apparently said,

“I’m trying to convince an IMPACT employee to talk to you about Allysin Kay. Apparently she was a huge bully in TNA. He won’t talk to me cause the link would be apparent. But he’s thinking of talking to someone else. Would you be interested?”

The person who passed along the alleged message from Blanchard to Allysin Kay’s friend wrote, “I got this dm. I think Tessa is trying to shop stuff to take her down.”

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