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NewsAlpha Entertainment Accusing Oliver Luck Of Sharing Confidential Information

Alpha Entertainment Accusing Oliver Luck Of Sharing Confidential Information



In the latest update on the ongoing lawsuit between the XFL, Oliver Luck and Vince McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment, Alpha is accusing Luck of sharing confidential information with an NFL agent, who coincidentally is his brother-in-law.

Luck is the former commissioner of the XFL and filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Vince McMahon and Alpha Entertainment back in April 2020, stating that he was owed approximately $23.8 million along with attorney fees and other damages. McMahon fired back and counter-sued. Vince filed for insubordination, as Sportico claimed that Alpha’s latest counterclaim contains new allegations against Oliver Luck.

Alpha says Luck “repeatedly” shared confidential information with NFL agent William Wilson, who was associated with Wasserman Media Group. The company claims that Luck had shared, “XFL requests for proposals, meeting notes, presentations, draft contracts, and analysis of players” along with “attorney-client privileged information … including draft contracts and analysis of contracts.”

The counterclaim states that Luck is disclosing all information with McMahon’s or Alpha Entertainment’s consent. Luck got a pre-trial win earlier this month after the judge granted Luck’s request for all documents and communications from Alpha about his job performance. This included email and all information about the company. McMahon claimed Luck stopped communicating once the COVID pandemic began.

The trial date is set to begin in October. We will have more information as the story continues to develop.

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