Alundra “Madusa” Blayze Gets Upset With Eric Bischoff On Twitter – Details


Eric Bischoff and WWE Hall of Famer Alundra “Madusa” Blayze got into a war of words on Twitter last night. It all started when the WCW Collection Twitter account tweeted a photo of Bischoff, Stunning Steve Austin (Stone Cold Steve Austin), and Madusa at a WCW event in the early 90s. The caption read, “Pure talent!!” and tagged, Bischoff, Austin, and Blayze.

Bischoff responded, saying,

“Right? And I was so happy to give them a rub to help their struggling careers.”

That prompted a reply from Blayze, who said,

“Fact…A rub? I helped you earn the millions you did while you paid me a fraction of what you paid the boys. There is your TRUE RUB! I am NOT TAKING Any more bull**** from the past bull****. Truth is truth. And I was a damn good talent. (Toot toot) Better than just a leg drop!”

Bischoff then replied with the following,

“Money talks. The rest? Whatever gets you through your day.”

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