Amanda Huber Comments On Brodie Lee’s Illness & The Rumors Behind It


Brodie Lee’s widow, Amanda Huber, took to Twitter recently to clear up some misconceptions about her late husband. In a series of tweets, which you can see below, she addressed the illness that led to his death and how AEW was forced to make some booking changes due to it. She said,

“One year ago. Since there’s some confusion/misinformation

1)They didn’t take the belt off because he was sick
2)This match had nothing to do with him getting sick. I asked. I was desperate for answers
3)He didn’t show symptoms until about 2 weeks later(things progressed FAST)”

When a fan criticized AEW’s booking, she responded with,

“1) Cody has been one of the most incredible friends my family could ask for.
2) Losing a match doesn’t equal a burial. Especially one so hard fought. Also after he won the belt in a squash.
3) Read the room my dude, this isn’t the place for the anti Cody vibe.”

I don’t think it’s all based in rudeness (though some of it absolutely is). I think part of it is people wanting/ looking for answers in a situation that doesn’t have good answers. It doesn’t make sense and people want to make sense of it. I can totally understand that. To clarify. I don’t think all the misinformation/ confusion comes from a negative place. The entire situation sucked and it just doesn’t make sense. Trust me, nobody understands that more than I do. Unfortunately, not everything happens for a reason.”

She also posted several photos of -1’s drawings of his future wrestling gear. She said,

“So I occasionally see comments online how I should just let Brodie be a kid and not force him around wrestling. When I say wrestling is everything to him, it is. He told me he spent his free time in school drawing gear for when he’s older. Today he brought them home.”

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