Amanda Huber Reacts To Some Criticism Of Brodie Lee Jr. Being On AEW TV


As many of you know by now, Brodie Lee Jr. (-1) has been seen several times on AEW Dynamite since his father passed away. Lee’s wife, Amanda Huber, took to social media on Monday to address some criticism of that. She said,

“I’ve loved pro wrestling my entire life. It’s been my world for 19 years now. I still love it more than most things in this world.

I try to ignore the s–t online, but know I see it. I see the snide comments about Brodie’s involvement. The use of the word exploitation. It’s disheartening.

Our world crumbled.

AEW has helped us pick up the pieces.

It’s easy to be distrustful of any corporation and I’d be lying if I didn’t constantly think the rug was going to get pulled out from under me. It hasn’t. Even when it felt like everything was pulled out from under me, this wasn’t.

They let Brodie feel like he’s a part of something. Notice there’s no storylines involving him. Just him being connected to a huge part of him that’s missing.

What everyone doesn’t see on the other side of social media is a kid who is carrying so much grief yet so much joy. A kid who is excelling in his therapy. A kid who despite the worst few months of his life got 10-A’s and 3-B’s on his report card last week. On days we go to AEW you are all missing him doing his school work from a hotel room because going to AEW is a privilege. Or sitting with Aunty Megha working in math problems.

They also make me feel like I’m a part of something. We make the drive every other show so I can spend time with people who remind me of the best parts of being alive. People like @meghalegalgirl10 & @margaret.stalvey who sit in the crowd next to me and let me vent & cry & laugh & breathe in a world that wants me to be weighed down with grief.

My Instagram isn’t grief porn. It’s never going to be a place where I want people to come and feel sorry for me. It’s photos of my journey. So come join me. Just know I didn’t die the day my husband did, I’m very much alive and full of fight. I’m not made of glass. I’m a diamond and like a wise friend shared with me, ‘hard times put the shine in the diamond’”

Huber also shared a photo of Lee Jr. with Tay Conti, writing:

“This pic means so much to me. Brodie is doing [Brazilian jiujitsu] and he doesn’t even know that he inspires me so much. I love this one!!

@tayconti_ got me all in my feelings tonight

I’ll never be able to properly express my gratitude to the people at AEW”

Amanda Huber Addresses Criticism of Brodie Lee Jr. Being on AEW TV

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