Amanda Huber Reflects On Anniversary Of Brodie Lee’s AEW Debut


Amanda Huber reflected on the debut of Brodie Lee in AEW one year later.

Lee appeared in AEW as the leader of The Dark Order. Tragically, he passed away last December due to complications with his lungs. 

She wrote the following: 

“You bet on yourself. (My money was always on you)

It wasn’t the debut you envisioned. Rochester would have went crazy. But it’s ok, you rolled with it.

You were the happiest I had seen you in years. You got to show the world what I always saw.

Life went off the rails and now it’s my turn to roll with it.

I’m forever thankful for @allelitewrestling place in our lives the past 365 days. They have shaped who I am and who our family is.

Best thing I can say to everyone out there…. work hard, chase your dreams, roll with the punches, and bet on yourself.

You know what that means.”


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