American Alpha Call Steiner Bros Their Dream WrestleMania Opponents & More


American Alpha talked with Planeta Wrestling for a new interview. Both the audio and some of the highlights are below:

Gable on their Wrestlemania dream match: “I think Jason would probably agree with me on this, but we would love to have a match with the Steiner Brothers at Wrestlemania. I think a lot of people can see their influence in our ring work. I think that’d be a great match for us.”


Jordan on how their amateur wrestling helped in their professional careers: “It’s definitely made the physical transition a lot easier. We both have a good understanding of our body awareness and I guess our background has helped us thrive a little bit because the way we wrestle in the ring is a lot of suplexes, throws. Amateur wrestling has physically prepared us and mentally.”

Gable on their NXT and Smackdown Tag Tam Championship Wins: “Both were really special nights, really hard to put into words, but especially the SmackDown championships. Beating someone like Randy Orton for those titles makes it that much more – fortunately, Jason and I have had our families at ringside when we won the titles so you can imagine. You just want to keep driving and keep accomplishing stuff like that. That was a big year for us.”

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