An Awesome Fandango Rap Song + More Fandango News


Mafi from Scotland sent this one in: Hey, I was watching Celebrity Juice hosted by Keith Lemon on the British channel ITV2 (one of the fairly big channels over here) and a guest was Joey Essex from the show “The Only Way Is Essex” or TOWIE for short. Joey Essex is ridiculously stupid and to celebrate him answering correctly on third attempt what country borders Wales (Previously guessed London then Russia?!) everybody started clapping and cheering etc – then I realised the crowd had started Fandangoing!! It was a brilliant moment haha! Love the site, been keeping up with everything since about 2006/2007 I think!

Chumpitacs100 sent this one in: I saw stand up comedian Jim Norton at Caroline’s in NYC and before the show started they were playing Fandango’s theme

Frederick Rocco Gattuso sent this one in: Hey Ryan Clark, just wanted to say I’ve been of fan for years, use to have a profile but I just like to read the articles and comments, and you do a great job on it regardless what the haters say. I’m a musician and recently did a rap version of Fandangos theme song, and as a wrestling fan to another I thought you mite appreciate it. Please check it out bro and let me know what you think if you get a free minute, and if you like it and want to share it feel free to bro. Keep up the good work. Peace. Frederick Rocco Gattuso. YG12. Check out this video on YouTube:

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