Andrade El Idolo Discusses His Return From A Torn Pec


Andrade El Idolo was off AEW television from September 2022 through June 17, 2023 due to a torn pec. The AEW wrestler underwent surgery for the injury and has since returned.

This is something he discussed while speaking on a recent edition of the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast.


“It’s hard. It’s hard because it was my first surgery,” El Idolo said. “Mentally, you need to have a lot of patience. It’s very hard because before that, I would say, ‘I am a man.’ You can do little weights. After surgery, you’re continually working with your elbow. You start working with your elbow because the tendon and elbow are so tight. You work with your elbow, with your shoulder, you put the weight, one pound, five pounds, you can believe. You say before, ‘this is so easy’ now it’s ‘all this pain. I can’t do it.’ It’s so hard.”

Andrade also discussed getting into top physical shape for his return. He stated,

“It depends on what I want. I was lean, so I put more weight on my body. I was so skinny when I was 13 or 14 years old. I was skinny and I thought, ‘I need to be big.’ My mentality was ‘all the cool wrestlers look big.’ After surgery, my weight was 260. Now, I’m 230, 235. I just workout, less carbs, less sodium. When you’re so lean, you need a little sugar. Just a little. Not every day.”

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