Andrade El Idolo Takes Aim At AAA’s Alleged Low Pay For Talent


AEW’s Andrade El Idolo has hit out at the payments made to talent by AAA in comparison to the CMLL promotion.

El Idolo, a veteran of both promotions, is currently signed to AAA as well as working for Tony Khan’s AEW.


Speaking to Mas Lucha, Andrade encouraged El Hijo del Vikingo to leave AAA as he believes the reigning AAA Mega Champion is being treated unfairly.

Andrade claimed that del Vikingo is being paid little for what he’s worth, estimating between $100 to $200 a match.

He later added that CMLL pays talent in their opening matches more than AAA pay those in the main event.

El Idolo has been teasing leaving AEW in recent weeks, with belief that he could be seeking a return to WWE.

Andrade is a former WWE NXT and WWE United States Champion but is yet to hold gold in AEW so far.


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